Securing Your Home With Common Sense Techniques

Burglaries, robberies and theft have become quite common now, and people need to become more aware and take precautions before a dreadful incident occurs in their homes. However, although we do hear horrifying robbing and theft stories everyday on the news, on TV, and from people we know, until it happen to us, we probably will not understand how important security really is. Nevertheless, even without our realization, securing our home and installing alarms is vital for the safety of our home and our families. Here’s how you can go about better securing your home:

Making Your Home More Secure

  1. Get Rid Of Your ‘Hidden’ House Key – Everyone likes to keep spare hidden keys outside their house where they can easily find them in case they are locked out or have forgotten their keys at home. But guess what? Burglars and thieves know all your hiding places, so it’s a good idea to stop keeping hidden keys outside your house for anyone to pick up and find. Instead, give a spare key to a trustworthy neighbor or a friend or relative who lives nearby
  2. Keys And Remotes Should Be Hidden – For the security of your home, it is probably a good idea to not keep all your house keys, car keys and garage door remotes near the entrance of your house or lying around the house, visible for anyone to find. Instead, keep your keys and remotes in a safe place, inside a cabinet or drawer so that no eyes are drawn to it.
  3. Outdoor Lighting – Another way to add security to your house is by installing lights outside your house and around it. Adding infrared motion sensors is always a good option if you think you can afford it. Also, replace all your old and dim bulbs with new and bright bulbs. Adding lights to the exterior of your house will also improve safety because anyone who is trying to break into your house will not want to be caught red handed under the spot lights. They would prefer to do in the dark when they cannot be seen.
  4. Check Windows And Doors – You need to check every single window and door in the house that can lead to an entrance inside your home. All window locks need to be fixed if broken or loose. You can also install aftermarket window locks which let you open the window only a few inches but also still keep it secure. You can also add window alarms which are even better. Low quality and hollow doors are easily breakable and need to be replaced with solid core, wood or metal clad doors that are unbreakable. You need to treat every single door in your house like an entrance door and make sure they are locked at all times for the safety of your family.
  5. Replace All The Weak Locks – The locks on your doors are the weakest and easiest means for anyone to break into your house. You need to make sure you replace all your old and weak locks with new dead bolt locks that enter the door frame. You can get these locks from your local locksmith or from any hardware store in your area. When buying your dead bolt locks, you need to make sure that they are heavy duty and made of solid metal or brass with strong screws.

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