Preventing Break-ins While On Vacation

Are you planning to go on a vacation with the family this weekend? If so, this is the time you need to start securing your house to prevent any break-ins while you’re out . Home security should be your number one priority before packing and leaving. Unfortunately, many people don’t pay much attention to their home security and that is when their houses become easily accessible for thieves when they are out of town.

Home Security Tips to Prevent Break-Ins

  1. Time Consuming – Make sure that when you are securing your home, you make it time consuming and an effort for anyone who tries to break-in. Deadbolt windows and door locks can always slow down burglars and thieves.
  2. Noisy – If someone tries to break into your house, make it a noisy experience for them so that anyone around your house, such as your neighbors or people passing by, can hear the noise and report a break-in. Investing in a burglar alarm system is the best option, where the system will ring an outside service and will alert the police and fire department to reach your home immediately. Most security companies provide yard signs, letting people know your home has an alarm system. Place them around your yard where they are easily visible.
  3. Disconnect the Internet – When you are planning to leave your house unattended for a certain amount of time, it’s best to disconnect the WIFI and internet connections in your house. If you are leaving behind any laptops, iPads, computers, make sure they are turned off and cannot be accessed easily. You don’t want any burglars hacking into your personal data.
  4. Hide And Lock Valuables – Home security is not just about locking your house up. It also means you need to keep everything that’s inside the house in safe places too. You need to place any valuable items you may have, under lock and key, in a place where no burglars may think of looking for them. Do not leaving personal documents and files lying around your rooms or home office. Keep all your important documents, files and expensive jewelry and extra money in a safe that is not easily visible or accessible.
  5. Light Up – When you are going on vacation, it’s a good idea not to tell the entire world you are leaving on vacation. This means don’t make any drastic changes that will make people notice you’re not home. Lighting up your house from the outside can make it look like you’re still at home. Break-ins are less likely to occur when a house is well lit up because burglars don’t want to be caught in the act. You can also put timers on your lights inside the house so that it looks like people are inside the house at all times.
  6. Neighbors – It’s always good to be friends with your neighbors as they come in handy at times of need. When you go on vacation, give your friendly and trustworthy neighbor a spare key to your home so that they can keep a look out on things from time to time, while you are away. This way, your house will also be lit up every now and then.
  7. Social Media- Many people make a huge mistake by announcing to the world on their social media accounts that they are going on vacation, or posting pictures while on vacation. There is no easier target for a burglar to rob your home then confirming your absence online.

As with any security measures you take, make sure you are using common sense.