Locksmith Tips on When to Replace or Rekey Your Locks

To prevent any kinds of break-ins or accidents, it is always best to make sure you check all the locks in your house and see which ones need to be replaced. There is nothing more important than the security of your own house and your family. If your locks are getting old, rusty, loose, or breaking, it’s probably safe to say that you need to change your locks now. Let’s see when you should replace or rekey your locks, although you may find that replacing and rekeying are almost similar concepts for your locks.

When Should You Replace or Re-key Your Locks

It is usually a better idea to rekey your locks rather than replace them, unless they are completely destroyed. Some of the core reasons why people need to replace or rekey their locks are:

Old Locks: If your house has old locks, it is probably about time you get them replaced or rekeyed. Old locks can mean that you and your family can be at two risks. One is that you are not as secure as you should be as old locks can break down and become easily accessible for anyone to break-in The second is the fact that there could be a possibility of others having a spare key to your old locks.

Lost Keys: Another reason why people have to replace or re-key their locks is when they lose their keys to their houses. This also means another risk to your house because if you dropped your keys somewhere, anyone can pick them up and follow you home and enter your house easily. If you have no idea where some of your house keys are, it’s time you call in a professional locksmith in Jacksonville to get your locks re-keyed so that nobody can enter your house by using old keys.

Ownership Transfer: When you are buying a new house or a new apartment, the old owner usually hands over the keys to you. But it’s also most likely that they will still have a spare set of keys and can also use those keys to enter your new house or apartment anytime. This is when you should get your locks re-keyed or get your locks replaced with new ones before you actually move in or as soon as you have moved in. If your moving date has been scheduled, hire a locksmith to get your locks re-keyed or replaced beforehand.

Stolen Keys: If your keys were stolen, get your locks replaced immediately because anyone can access your house with that stolen key. Don’t wait call your locksmith immediately and get the locks changed.

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