Learn About The Different Types of Door Locks

Do you want to change your door locks because they’re getting old and rusty or have broken completely? There are different types of door locks that you can now get installed in your house by your local locksmith. Getting your door locks changed to new and strong ones also provides you with better home security. Let’s look at some of the types here.

The 3 Most Common Types of Door Locks

  1. Deadbolts – Deadbolt door locks are usually installed on external doors. These door locks come in 3 different varieties which are single, double and lockable thumb turn.

  2. Knob Locks – Knob locks are usually installed in houses on exterior doors. It is more suitable to use deadbolts with this kind of lock for more security.

  3. Levers – These door locks are commonly used inside the house. They have a push down style and are easy to open and close.

Other Types of Commonly Used Door Locks

  • Entry Lockset: This is a set of two doorknobs that are installed from the inside and outside. This kind of door lock is of medium security for an entrance door. A quality feature that can be used on entry locksets is a dead latch.
  • Night Latch: This door lock is only installed on the inside of the door. It has an automatic feature where the latch locks itself every time the door closes. It is a light security door lock and can be combined with another lock for higher security.
  • Mortise Lock: This kind of door lock is a flat and rectangular box that fits into the door at the edge. The latch in this lock works from either side except when the knob is locked from the outside. This door lock is used very commonly on house doors, heavy entrance doors and also apartment doors.
  • Passage Lockset: A passage lockset is used inside the house for door locks such as closets or in hallways. This kind of lock also uses levers instead of knobs and is placed on both sides of the door.
  • Surface Mounted Deadbolt: It is a door lock that is square in shape and mounted on the surface of the inside door. The bolt can be turned by using a key or by turning the knob itself. The bolt slides into a surface mounted strike instead of into the door frame.
  • Keyless Entry System: If you are looking for an advanced home security system, this door lock has an audio and visual indicator that your door lockset has been activated. You can also place an alarm and when the incorrect password has been put in more than 3 times, the alarm will go off.

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